• Use of data:
    When using ou contact form, we will collect your name, email & phone exclusively on getting in touch with the user.
    We will not transfer your contact details to any other third party services of any kind. / the only purpose is to be able to get in touch with you.
  • Why do we collect those data?:
    Client contact, Statistics on users behaviour (Google analytics.)
  • How long do we keep those data:
    data for personal marketing /development purposes (3 years max)
    data related to billing datas 6 years max.
    please note that we don’t sell anything online.
    So no credit card numbers or any other sensible data are not stocked nor required for the use of elikabavar.com website.
  • Security measures for data¬†protection (RGPD):
    All of our data is secured by the hosting company, in our database.
    As per the right to ask for your data and remove them, please send us a massage to contact [at] elikabavar.com.
    You can also use our online form to ask for data removal (soon online).